RIGVIR® is administered as a series of injections according to virotherapy treatment protocols. Virotherapy treatment usually takes roughly 3 years. It’s important to consult with a certified virotherapy specialist to achieve the best possible treatment result. Virotherapy is usually an ambulatory care treatment, which only has mild side effects. The most common side effect is a subfebrile temperature lasting 1-3 days.

Oncolytic virotherapy throughout the world is cooridnated by the International Virotherapy Center (IVC). The mission of the International Virotherapy Center is to provide virotherapy treatment to every cancer patient who needs it. The main activities of IVC are focused on the training and certification of doctors, the accreditation of medical institutions and the coordination of patient treatment abroad.

RIGVIR® oncolytic virotherapy has already been administered to patients in more than 50 countries.

Treatment process:

  • Patient contacts in virotherapy certified doctor or accredited clinic specialising. IVC information Centre will assist patient to allocate the doctor or clinic. Contact IVC information Centre here: info@virotherapy.eu
  • Patient makes the necessary analyses and sends the results to the doctor for the eligibility assessment.
  • After reading patient’s medical history and analyses, the doctor provides a recommendation regarding a possibility to use virotherapy.
  • If the virotherapy is possible, an individual treatment schedule is elaborated, matching the patient’s immunity condition, type of cancer, localisation and tumour stage.
  • The treatment agreement with the clinic or doctor is signed.
  • The virotherapy course of treatment is commenced – a patient receives first medication injections.
  • Frequency of medication injections usually decreases during the course of treatment.
  • Regular monitoring of analyses and patient observation take place.
  • Treatment schedule can be corrected depending on the results of analyses.

For more information on virotherapy treatment, please contact the International Virotherapy Center: www.virotherapy.eu