First cancer virotherapy medicine

RIGVIR® contains a live nonpathogenic ECHO-7 virus that has not been genetically modified. RIGVIR® is oncotropic and oncolytic. It finds and selectively infects tumour cells.

Oncolytic virotherapy with RIGVIR® is a safe and effective cancer treatment, which improves time to progression, survival and quality of life of cancer patients. RIGVIR® is well tolerated and does not cause serious adverse events. The most common side effect is subfebrile temperature for 1-3 days. This is reversible and does not need to be treated.

RIGVIR® is the first oncolytic virus in the world, which is registered for cancer virotherapy and introduced in medical practice. RIGVIR® was approved in Latvia in 2004 for cutaneous melanoma therapy. Since 2011 RIGVIR® is fully reimbursed for residents of Latvia and from 2015 included in the guidelines for skin cancer and melanoma treatment. Since 2015 RIGVIR® is approved in Georgia and since 2016 it is approved in Armenia.

RIGVIR® Mode of action

RIGVIR® finds and infects tumour cells. This process is called oncotropism. Subsequently, RIGVIR® replicates in tumour cells and destroys them. This process is called oncolysis. Both processes, oncotropism and oncolysis, are selective for tumour cells and normal healthy cells are minimally if at all affected.


RIGVIR® is administered as series of injections according to virotherapy treatment protocols. Virotherapy treatment usually takes around 3 years. It’s important to consult with certified virotherapy specialist to achieve best possible treatment result. Virotherapy is ambulatory treatment usually and has mild side effects only. The most common side effect is subfebrile temperature for 1-3 days.

Oncolytic virotherapy in the world is cooridnated by International Virotherapy Center (IVC). The mission of the International Virotherapy Center – to provide virotherapy treatment to every cancer patient who need it. The main activities of IVC are focused on training and certification of doctors, accreditation of medical institutions and coordination of the international service of patients.

RIGVIR® oncolytic virotherapy already received patients from more than 50 countries.

For more information on virotherapy treatment, please contact the International Virotherapy Center: