To receive a consultation and/or prescription of oncolytic virotherapy with ECHO-7 medicine, please contact:


Representative Office
International Virotherapy Center
Address: 9 Teātra street, LV–1050, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 229 599
Language for communication: ENG, RUS, LAT


Oncolytic virotherapy with ECHO-7 medicine in Georgia is available in Aversi pharmacies as a prescription medicine issued by certified doctors. To receive a consultation and prescription, please contact an oncology clinic in Georgia or official representative in Georgia.

Official Representative in Georgia
Responsible specialist: Ia Mikhelidze
Mob. phone: +995 557 50 90 55, +995 551 11 52 30
Language for communication: GE, RUS


To receive a consultation and prescription, please contact official representative in Armenia.

Official Representative in Armenia
Responsible specialist: Anna Sadoyan
Mob. phone: +374 91 36 1934
Language for communication: ARM, RUS


Patients abroad can purchase oncolytic virotherapy with ECHO-7 medicine from the manufacturer’s authorized partner “” Ltd. Delivery is usually completed within a few days.

Patients or their relatives may transport the medicine themselves after obtaining the respective medical and customs documentation. If transported by air, the medicine should be placed in the luggage compartment. The medicine must always be transported frozen. For a longer trip it is recommended to use dry ice as a cooling agent. The optimal storage temperature is –20°C.

Remember that it is necessary to obtain a certified virotherapy oncologist’s recommendation and prescription before you order the medicine.

Beware of counterfeit medicine and always purchase oncolytic virotherapy with ECHO-7 medicine only through the authorized distributor – “” Ltd.

Please report any suspicious medication purchases at