Effect of the oncolytic ECHO-7 virus Rigvir® on the viability of cell lines of human origin in vitro

Melanoma Unknown Primary Brain Metastasis Treatment with ECHO-7 Oncolytic Virus Rigvir: A Case Report

Adapted ECHO-7 virus Rigvir® immunotherapy (oncolytic virotherapy) prolongs survival in melanoma patients after surgical excision of the tumour in a retrospective study

The results of a retrospective effectiveness study using the oncolytic virus Rigvir® published online by Melanoma Research, July 15, 2015http://journals.lww.com/melanomaresearch/Fulltext/2015/10000/Adapted_ECHO_7_virus_Rigvir_immunotherapy.7.aspx
The study reveals that the stage IB-IIC melanoma patients treated with Rigvir® were 4 to 6 times more likely to survive than those who, following the current guidelines for the treatment of melanoma, received no therapy and were observed only. Moreover, Rigvir® demonstrated an outstanding safety profile because there was no record of any untoward side effect from Rigvir® treatment or its discontinuation. The results indicate that a significant number of melanoma patients would benefit from prolonging survival with Rigvir® treatment.

Source: Melanoma Research. 2015 Jul 24. Doniņa S, Strēle I, Proboka G, Auziņš J, Alberts P, Jonsson B, Venskus D, Muceniece A.

Progression-free period in II stage melanoma patients

The results of a retrospective study published by Latvijas Ārsts indicated outstanding progression-free period in stage II melanoma patients treated with RIGVIR® Oncolytic virotherapy.

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Source: Latvijas Ārsts. 2012, Nr.5. Doniņa et al.