Aina Muceniece, the discoverer
of Riga virus

1960 Screening
Reduces hetero-transplanted tumours in hamsters

1965 Riga Virotherapy laboratory
Aina Muceniece MD, Dr. habil. med., Head

1968 Clinical trials start in Latvia
Safety & efficacy

1985 Extended clinical trials in Latvia

1987 Multicenter, multinational clinical trials

1991 Latvia regains its independence

2002 Rigvir® receives a patent

2004 Rigvir® approved & registered in Latvia

2015 Rigvir® approved & registered in Georgia

2016 Rigvir® approved & registered in Armenia

2016 The first cancer virotherapy excellence center, Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic, is opened.

2016 Rigvir® manufacturer receives a grant from the European Commission’s “Horizon 2020″ with the intended goal of eventually registering the medication in the European Union (EMEA).

2017 Rigvir® manufacturer receives a special recommendations for medication registration in EU from European Medicines agency (EMA).

2017 Rigvir® manufacturer receives Seal of Excellence award given by European Commission within the case of “Horizon 2020” program.

2017 Rigvir® manufacturer receives intellectual property award “WIPO Enterprise Trophy”.