The Rigvir Group has clearly defined goals for the worldwide access and availability of virotherapy with RIGVIR®. This includes the maintenance of the modern research standards.

RIGVIR® oncolytic virus is an exceptionally promising immunotherapy drug for melanoma treatment and metastases prevention in the early stages as monotherapy and in late stages including as combination with other advanced immunotherapy agents that have demonstrated deficiencies in achieving the desired response as monotherapy.

The development perspective of RIGVIR® medication are unlimited. The benefit of RIGVIR® is its safety and effectiveness, its long market presence and experience of application, as well as the unique ability to maintain a high quality of life for patients.

Although remarkable clinical experience and long-term preregistration clinical studies as well as post marketing retrospective studies, Rigvir Group is planning to elaborate new set of post-registration studies consistent with modern standards which would re-confirm the safety and efficacy of RIGVIR®:

  • The pre-clinical study package is refined to the contemporary understanding, and appropriate biomarkers are being sought to target patients more accurately and treat them more effectively.
  • To re-approve the RIGVIR® safety profile of excellence, a new safety study is to be launched in accordance with GCP standards.
  • New post registration efficacy studies are planned to:
  • Provide additional evidences for early stages of melanoma metastases prevention.
  • Provide evidence that oncolytic virotherapy with RIGVIR® may provide combined synergies with other immunotherapies.
  • Expand registered indications, including rare diseases.

In this regard, significant effort is being applied in collaboration with local and central regulators to provide support and guidance on RIGVIR® research protocols and for more successful re-registration.

The Rigvir Group is open to collaboration with other biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies for development of RIGVIR® and combined studies with other innovative immunotherapy drugs. For more information visit Investors section.

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