Case reports of long-term treatment with the oncolytic ECHO-7 virus Rigvir® of a rare cancer patients shows surprisingly positive results

The surprisingly positive treatment outcomes using Rigvir® virotherapy for late stages cancer patients were recently published in APMIS journal (Acta Pathologica, Microbilogica Et Immunologica Scandinavia). The patients of melanoma stage IV M1c, small cell lung cancer stage IIIA and histiocytic sarcoma stage IV started virotherapy with Rigvir® within a few months after being diagnosed and are continuing this treatment. Patients have significantly exceeded the life expectancy, which is usual for such diagnoses. After beginning the therapy their condition stabilized and the quality of life significantly improved.

The cancer patients described were diagnosed 3.5, 7 and 6.6 years ago and their conditions have improved and have been stable for over 1.5, 6.5 and 4 years, respectively. They have been long-term treated with Rigvir® oncolytic virotherapy starting from 1 to 2 months after diagnosis. These observations suggest that oncolytic virotherapy using Rigvir® can successfully be used in long-term treatment of patients with melanoma stage IV M1c, small cell lung cancer stage IIIA, and histiocytic sarcoma stage IV.

In clinical practice RIGVIR® is also used for other types of cancer, based on the individual judgment of the physician.

  • melanoma

  • stomach cancer

  • colorectal cancer

  • pancreatic cancer

  • kidney cancer

  • uterine cancer

  • bladder cancer

  • lung cancer

  • prostate cancer

  • sarcoma of several types