RIGVIR® oncolytic virotherapy already received patients from more than 70 countries

At the moment RIGVIR® is registered in the Latvia (EU member state), Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and available with doctors prescription in pharmacies. Patients from another countries can order RIGVIR® from the producer’s authorized partner “Medserviceagency.eu” Ltd. The delivery is completed in a few days’ time usually.

Patients or their relatives may transport the medicine themselves, previously having settled the respective medical documentation and customs formalities. If transported by air, the medicine should be placed in luggage department. The medicine must always be transported frozen. For a longer trip it is recommended to use dry ice as a cold-maintaining element. The optimal storage temperature is –20°C.

Remember – it is necessary to get the doctor’s (oncologist’s or immunologist’s) recommendations and prescription before you order the medicine.

Be careful of counterfeit medicine and purchase RIGVIR® only through the authorized company “Medserviceagency.eu” Ltd.