Rigvir Group is a private organization constituted of several companies, which have been developing oncolytic virotherapy since 2002. The core elements of the organization strategy are the production of the unique ECHO-7 virus, maintenance of efficient R&D team, sophisticated manufacturing, drug registration, global product distribution and market promotion, training of health care professionals and patient treatment at the virotherapy excellence center.

Rigvir Group is committed to provide access to virotherapy around the world, saving and improving lives of cancer patients today and in the future. Rigvir Group is the first company in the world to register oncolytic virus for clinical use, making Rigvir Group the most experienced organization in the development and clinical practice of oncolytic viruses, although Rigvir Group has developed the only dedicated training program in the world for virotherapy practitioners.

Rigvir Group has implemented functional changes to become a premium biotech company, since 2018 focusing the resources on its production development and increasement of manufacturing capacity, providing the opportunity for global partnerships regarding product promotion and distribution.

Our competitive ambitions and success is based on scientific progress, continuous improvement with robust quality control and our business partnership reliability worldwide. We are determined to build transparent and fair cooperation with all the stakeholders in the battle with oncological illness – patients, physicians, pharmacists and partners. To achieve our goals, we have built an organization with team of highly experienced, qualified and driven employees.

Rigvir Group has achieved recognition from a number of organizations for ongoing efforts in research and innovation, management of the intellectual property, corporate responsibility and business performance (Horizon 2020, ECESF and WIPO).

We actively support social projects to help patients and protect their rights via Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation.