RIGVIR® mechanism of action

RIGVIR® against cancer
RIGVIR® - the worlds first oncolytic virotherapy medicine, which is approved for cancer treatment and introduced in medical practice. RIGVIR® contains a live nonpathogenic ECHO-7 virus that has not been genetically modified.

RIGVIR® is oncotropic and oncolytic virus. It finds and selectively infects tumour cells. Then replicates in tumour cells and destroys them. Both of these processes, oncotropism and oncolysis, are selective for tumour cells and normal healthy cells are minimally if at all affected.

Oncolytic virotherapy with RIGVIR® is safe and effective cancer treatment, which improves time to progression, survival and quality of life of cancer patients.

  1. Oncotropic and oncolytic virus
  2. Safe and effective
  3. Live and nonpathogenic
  4. Genetically not modified
  5. Ambulatory use
  6. Well tolerated

On 31 October 2016 Ltd. RIGVIR and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have signed an agreement Nr. SKV-L-2016/903 on a support within a framework of a project “Enhancement of International Competitiveness" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.