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Oncolytic virotherapy is a revolution
in the treatment of malignant tumors

Dr. hab. chem. Ivars Kalvins

Anti-cancer drug inventor
Awarded with a certificate and Golden Medal of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Author of more than 650 publications, including approximately 300 patents

Rigvir group has received a €994,000 loan from EBRD and US private capital owned bank to complete the Scientific Centre.
Virotherapy - new era in cancer treatment
Safe and effective

Virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment that uses oncotropic and oncolytic virus with the ability of a virus to find and destroy malignant cells in the body

The Rigvir Group is one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical holdings in Northern Europe, based in Riga, the business capital of the Baltic States. The therapeutic focus area of the Rigvir Group is oncolytic virotherapy with the first registered non-modified ECHO-7 virus.

Our goal is to change the paradigm of oncology and to show the world a safe, effective and harmless drug to prevent metastasis both in early and advanced stages of cancer, including in treatment combinations with other innovative immunotherapy medication.

Our approach is not only about the envisioned potential of ECHO-7 and virotherapy. It is working already, and the lives of our patients are improving today. The future is now.